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Gnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general posted 15 October 2006 in Author Q & AGnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general by Twayleph, Auditor

-----------TTT SPOILERS-------------

I'm sure that it isn't the fact that the Gnosis is spoken in a Nonman tongue that makes it more powerful; in TTT it's said that it is the meanings that are different, not the words. Speaking another tongue is simply a way to isolate sorcerous meanings from common-day meanings, which is also practiced by the Anagogic Schools.

Sorcery is all about assimilating the Truth, and what's hinted - although never explained fully - is that the Gnosis uses abstractions in order to understand Truth, whereas the Anagogis is restricted to analogies. The way I understand it, an Anagogic sorcerer will formulate in his mind what he knows of fire, and try to replicate it in reality, whereas a Gnostic sorcerer will understand what fire is, and conjure the essence of it. view post


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