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Is Kellus the No-God? End of TTT and being in the whirlwind. posted 14 October 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIs Kellus the No-God? End of TTT and being in the whirlwind. by Incu-Pacifico, Peralogue

The end of TTT has to make you wonder. Kellus in the whirlwind of debris (to protect himself from the chorae) sounds suspciously like our buddy the No-God and HIS whirlwind. Is the No God's Carapace in fact this swirling shower of debris?

Also at one point, Kellus reconsidered the solidity of the Principle of Before and After (at Mengedda, I believe). Could the Consult Tekne research (during the Investitures) in fact be Time Travel research? Were they somehow able to get Kellus to come back in time and through his great power and mastery of Gnosis cause the Apocolypse?

The question remains, what reason would he want this? Well Kellus accused his father of wanting to bring about the Apocolypse. Or more accurately, he said that his father would *have* to bring about the Apocolypse in order to master his circumstances. Now is Kellus stuck in the same trap as his father?

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