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Question about the ending of TWP *Spoiler Warning* posted 13 October 2006 in Author Q & AQuestion about the ending of TWP *Spoiler Warning* by Alpha Crow, Candidate

This part has me losing sleep!

It says he reached into his own chest, but had Serwe's heart a second later. I'm thinking, ok this means he is either tricking the bystanders or is showing Serwe's heart in some meaningful way that I'm not catching on and that is not supposed to be tricky.

Yet in TTT, Eleazaras (Scarlet Spires headmaster) talks about watching Kellhus "reach into his chest and pull out his f#@$ing heart".

So apparently it was not a simple showing off of Serwe's heart in some open way that we don't get. Guessing that he doesn't make mistakes, then he did it as an illusion.

The weird way it is initially written, he reaches into his chest and firmly grasps his heart? Firmly? To rip it out? Because her heart is slippery? His chest?

For a bit I thought it was all just some sort of dream sequence or something deeper such as he loved Serwe so her heart was his, perhaps... until I ran across the comment by Eleazaras.

I see Mr. Bakker's reply doesn't clear it up much, though I think he's saying it IS Serwe's heart, but doesnt' say if it is supposed to be a trick.

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