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R.A. Salvatore mentions Scott in passing posted 07 October 2006 in Interviews and ReviewsR.A. Salvatore mentions Scott in passing by Moebius, Commoner

Salvatore reads like a poor man's of David Gemmel. The writing itself is mediocre, but what annoys me is how predictable and cliched his characters and plots are.

I am as big a fan of action packed stories as anyone, but I feel like Salvatore never really fully develop his characters (at least in his Drizzt books, the only ones I've read because of word of mouth). When you combine half-baked characters with a sub-standard plot, albeit with a large dose of random action thrown in, what you get is the literary equivalent of a brainless summer action blockbuster.

One thing I will say though, is that his characters ARE likable. I like the archetypes that they represent, despite the fact that they may be camp or cliched. And while I dont intend on BUYING any of his books ever, I would borrow them from the library from time to time. They're easy and fast reading, and for me its like the guilty pleasure of watching shows like, say, the OC. view post


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