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Perceptions of Reality posted 29 September 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionPerceptions of Reality by DrunkenAfficianado, Commoner

In Hinduism, the Atman and the Brahman are One.
That is, the Objective and the Subjective are One.
J. Krishnmurti reiterates it, as does the fictional Dunyain.

So called "objective" measures are tools created by humankind. An examination of number theory leads directly back to Euclid. An examination of standard units leads back to the Old English "rod" that got it's length from it's use as an astronomical device to calculate the 13 lunar monthes of 28 days each, with a day and 1/4 left over, with respect to the Solar year.
Time is not "objective" or "standardized," unless agreed to by a populace.
The Romans had no "0" or negative numbers despite the fact the Greeks had them for 350 years prior.

If time is not a standard, then how can any objective reality exist simply because it is "framed" or "bounded", by physics or mathematical language?

What if a sentient being deliberately disbelieves "math" as derived of Euclidean geometry? What if A. Crowley is correct in stating 0=63 in order to make Kabbhalistic sense, and thus creates a "new" metric which is an "accepted" "Objective" measure?

Suddenly, the freewill of the individual observing sentience determines how raw sensory data is processed into usuable information. If another sentience, who assumes there must be an "objective" reality begins to attempt a meaningful communication with the first observer without the new metric, he will assume the first sentient being mad or insane, whereas the being might be working on a completely different and entirely legal level of insight.

Thus, to argue for objectivity is the first shackle of slavery. Objectivity is allowing mere quantity rather than quality to affect one's perception of the IS. If you can control my method of perception and thus my gathering and use of meaningful information, then you have control of my mind. That is slavery.

Metrics are tools to benefit sentient beings. When they lead to slavery, they should be eliminated.

And yes, there are accepted non-Euclidean geometries such Reiman and Lobochevsky.... view post


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