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World-building posted 07 July 2004 in Writing TipsWorld-building by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

I tried something new for the world I am currently working on, and I like it. Prior, here was my problem: I liked the look of hand-drawn maps, but hated how hard they were to edit and reproduce, where the Photoshop wins. So, I sketched my coastline and scanned it into a layer. Then I printed it and traced on the back of the paper adding much more detail, but following the main line. This keeps the shape, but allows for a 'rugged' coastline. I did that again, and it was now flipped correctly.

Then I started drawing mountains/rivers/lakes/what-have-you on printed copies of the coastline, scanning them, and putting just that feature in its own layer. I went through the same detailing process, which is very cool at a high res, because you can actually do enlargements of certain regions and put in details unseen in the large image. It looks really great, but is a lot of labor. view post


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