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World-building posted 07 July 2004 in Writing TipsWorld-building by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Map wise I tend to draw them on the computer using photoshop, then I sketch in the basics such as mountains and rivers, lakes etc. From that you can generally figure out where to place settlements and forrests and carry on the planning.

Other than that I then start to build the world by asking simple questions :

1) Climate
2) Are the religious or have they done away with it?
3) What sort of ruling system do they have are they like Rome and have a senate or do they have Royalty
4) How advanced are they? What sort of technology is available
5) Is there a feudal system with people curently warring on another or do they all live in relative peace?

After that you can develop the individual peoples and then look to the principle character. Hope this helps

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