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The value of a life posted 07 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionThe value of a life by MagnanimousOne, Candidate

Forgiving should be as much, if not more, for the benefit of the forgiver. Ultimately, anyone who holds a grudge is doing themselves harm. It's like the old saying "It's better to give than to receive".

I believe that you carry those hard feelings with you and they build up and make you bitter. You continue to be the victim, instead of healing.

Learn from your experiences, don't let them control you.

On the topic of the death penalty, I disagree with it. What benefit is there?

Save money? Really? Any idea how much it costs to convict and carry out a death sentence compared to a life prison sentence? Me either but I'm betting the difference is a lot smaller than you might imagine.

Reduce prison crowding? Really? As others have pointed out, the percentage of the overall prison population that is on death row is miniscule. Overcrowding is a result of mandatory sentences and drug crimes. Legalize illicit drugs and you can fix overcrowding and gain huge tax revenues. Two ways to save/make $.

Deter others? Really? Again going back to the small percentage of criminals whose offence may qualify them for death row, is this kind of person actually thinking of the consequenses before they act? Hmmm, I was thinking I'd like to kill that cop, but since they might kill me in return, I better not. I think most of these people are oblivious to the consequences. What about those criminals who feel they've already commited acts that will result in the death penalty and therefore have no compunctions about doing more or worse until they get caught?

By taking a life your life is forfeit. Eye for an eye? Is this really justice? How does killing someone serve the greater good? Do you believe that if someone is convicted of rape they should be raped in turn?

Anybody know who killed the most people in the US? The state of Texas - a serial killer with a license to kill!

I haven't had this disucssion before so if my arguments don't make sense, please enlighten me. view post


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