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The Case of the Blind Brain and Other Strange Tales posted 07 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Case of the Blind Brain and Other Strange Tales by TakLoufer, Candidate

[quote:24z4mpg5]As to colors existing only in our minds (and not necessarily being the same in different minds - ex. colorblind people), I agree, but it is these very "occasions of experience" that is what reality is composed of.

Don't get me wrong, i agree that these things are part of what makes up the reality we experience. I just don't really see the point in focusing on them, as to me they are all just manifestations/effects of the movement of the universe. I'm personally much more interesting in knowing what creates this movement and allows us to experience in the first place is.[/quote:24z4mpg5]

I don't know. This is connected to the question: "why is there something instead of nothing?" - Whatever lies behind this question is not likely to be known to us - not in this world, anyway.

As to what creates the movement? What is the First Cause? Who knows?

If you can find it, try and find David Ray Griffin's Unsnarling the World Knot - Whiteheadian Panexperientalism is a complicated metaphysic, but Griffin, while unmistakingly academic, is a very lucid writer. He can explain it much better than I. You can probably find the book in a university, or through an inter-library loan system.

Id agree that experience is fundemental to reality. Infact id say the only way to really "know" reality is to experience it. You could also say that experience is the very thing that creates everything else. The question is of course, just what is experience?

That Which Observes? I think that's Whitehead's god. All Actual Entities have "god" as the experiencer. It is the nothing behind the EOs.

Postscript: This is why I am interested in parapsychology, because reason and logic are all well and good, but to actually have hard evidence of mental causation (and perhaps backwards causation) is something else.

I think your certainly heading on the right path after reading this. At some point I think a lot of people who hunger for the truth realise that philosophy can never really satisfy them. It like being a starving man and all anyone will give you is menus instead of the food itself. Not that philosophy doesnt have its uses--and it certainly can be fun to discuss--it is just that at some point, when you realise explainations are no longer enough for you, you really do have to move beyond it.[/quote:24z4mpg5]

Which is why I want to "get to the horse's mouth," so to speak.

I plan on conducting my own investigations this summer. The easiest experiment I can conduct is to test for Electronic Voice Phenomena (or EVP). EVP is a phenomena where someone starts a tape recorder and starts asking questions into the mic. If all goes well, when one rewinds the tape and starts playing, they'll hear strange voices, either answering the questions or making some sort of comment. It supposedly works best in "haunted" places, such as old houses or graveyards.

A questionable experiment, to be sure, but there are a number of websites dedicated to this sort of phenomena and it has been well known for the last forty years (and there has been controlled experiements involving EVP in the 70's, though I'm not certain about the tightness of the controls) Are the voices dead people? Are they just hoaxes? I find it hard to believe that so many people are partaking in such a childish hoax, and no one is spilling the beans (AFAIK). But, OTOH, dead people talking through a tape recorder just seems weird.

But, while the personality surviving bodily death is not necessarily supported by Panexperientalism or Idealism (they are neutral on the subject), there is enough anecdotal evidence, investigations, and experiments conducted to warrant the matter to be at least looked into.

Here are some links to websites on EVP; regrettably, their presentation is not as professional or scientific as one would hope. However, their examples are . . . interesting.




I don’t know if I expect to encounter this phenomena, but, if I do, and it’s repeatable (and outside parties hear and comprehend the voices), then I’ll let you know. Though I must admit, I’m going to feel more than a little foolish, sitting in a graveyard with a tape recorder, asking the air questions. <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarassed" /><!-- s:oops: -->

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