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Akka posted 05 September 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka by Harrol, Moderator

There is no one antagonist in this story. You have the consult, the No-God and Kellhus who can argueably be protagonists. Akka is a very human individual in fact his personality and how he feels about peopl seems very similar to Seswatha in the dreams. There are differences though, like Seswatha was politically astute where as Akka is inept because he tries to hard. Now that Akka has nothing to try so hard for he may become a master at Benjaku and therefore serve many purposes. As for turning to the consult? I doubt it. Akka will become the source of their nightmares they will scream his name in dread as his form becomes the incarnation of Seswatha on the battlefield. In TTT Akka even marvels at what he did to the Scarlet Spires because Seswatha took over in some form. Why is Seswatha so dominant in Akka and not the rest of the Mandate? I belive it is due to a kindred spirit and deeply similar motivations that go beyond simply hating the Consult. view post


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