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Erikson Neophyte posted 21 August 2006 in Literature DiscussionErikson Neophyte by Werthead, Candidate

A good series with an original approach to how to tell an epic fantasy saga (not many sagas have three books you can start the series with, although starting with Gardens of the Moon is the best approach). Lots of battles, some great characters and a general over-the-top, swashbuckling atmosphere. The end of Deadhouse Gates and pretty much most of Memories of Ice are extremely powerfully written and I've had grown men tell me how they cried at reading some passages in those books (I think this is going somewhat OTT myself). Erikson can also be damn funny when he wants to be (this is more prevalent in the later books).

That said, the third book is the best and the law of diminishing returns kind of sets in after that. The sixth book is pretty disappointing, but ends on a cool cliffhanger and hopefully the seventh will be better.

Erikson is also laudable for the rapidity of his publishing schedule. Book 7 is out in March and Book 8 is out just a year later. view post


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