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The Title posted 06 July 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by legatus, Auditor

I cast my vote for The Thousandfold Thought as well.

I came out of The Warrior Prophet wondering what the bloody hell TTT might be--an extension of the logos, a newfound combination of dunyain philosophy and sorcerous metaphysics pioneered by Moengus, something obvious and explicitly explained in TWP that I overlooked like an idiot?--, so that title serves only to pique my curiosity further and exacerbate my impatience to get my hands on the next book. WSS doesn't evoke that kind of response though, nor does it hint at the philosophical underpinnings from the earlier books that fans will have come to appreciate and expect.

So for return readers, who I figure will make up the majority of the readership for the next book, it's TTT all the way. view post


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