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Feast for Crows due this Summer posted 09 August 2006 in Literature DiscussionFeast for Crows due this Summer by Sedulo, Candidate

I felt that the book was good but that the more dynamic story arcs are with the other characters (but this may be my personal choice since Jon, Tyrion, Arya, Bran and Dany are my favorites).

I think I see where this is going though and that just makes me more impatient. For instance Jon likely being a Targaryen and other stuff.

It is clever to publish this way though, but annoying to the readers/fans. Also when people became upset Martin was absolutely remorseless. I mean it is gimmicky to split it this way rather than into two books with all of the characters. I don't feel suspense, just resignation. This can lapse into disinterest as I have with other authors who keep writing and writing and writing books that are on a plane.

Martin hasn't displayed that but I feel that the story has slowed down considerably. view post


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