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kellhus == good guy?? posted 08 August 2006 in The Darkness That Comes Beforekellhus == good guy?? by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I think Kellhus is evil, even though he wouldn't see himself that way. I see Kellhus essentially as an improved edition of Ikurei Conphas ...and the skin-spies. He is better at what he does than either, but he isn't any nicer.

I think it's clear that Conphas is a clever sociopath. He has no lover nor remorse. Kellhus is also like that, but with his mastery of faces he is able to hide it far better. Nobody will see it in his face when he's contemplating the benefits and drawbacks of killing someone. I think a sociopath may be the only true evil there is - beyond the scope of more human-scale evils of people like Cnaiur - and the Dûnyain are Conditioned to be sociopathic.

Kellhus is also much like the skin-spies. In the Prologue we learn that Nonmen used the Dûnyain to infiltrate human societies in order to sow discord, war, and suffering. It appears that the Dûnyain were essentially weapons forged for a purpose. Even undirected, they would have retained this heritage of evil, as the Dûnyain culture appears extraordinary unchanging.

I belong firmly to the "Kellhus is scary" camp. I think it's a testament to his powers of persuasiveness that all the readers don't see him the same way. He reminds me of Sauron taking over Númenor and Lord Foul infiltrating the Council of Lords in other literature, but we've never seen the process this close and detailed. view post


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