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Why read fantasy? posted 07 August 2006 in Literature DiscussionWhy read fantasy? by noodles0585, Peralogue

i started reading fantasy with the lord of the rings trilogy by jrr tolkien obviously and absolutely fell in love with the genre. i have been playing rpgs since i was like 9 or 10 years old and it just all fell into place after i read that series then i read the hobbit and after that the wheel of time and then some forgotten realms a song of ice and fire as well as memory sorrow and thorn now i am like 70 pages away from finishing the thousand fold thought. my favorite though is the dark tower series by stephen king don't know if you would consider that a fantasy considering the author but i do and it was fantastic. i love fantasy for the orginality. almost forgot thye belgariad and the mallorean by david & leigh eddings was also great those series are my reasons for loving this genre and the prince of nothing only reinforces that within me. view post


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