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Drugs posted 29 July 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionDrugs by Iago, Candidate

I <3 drugs!

actually, i saw that carved into a desk when I was in middle or high school, some long long years ago.

As someone who has had more than a passing familiarity with pot, alcohol, lsd, cocaine (in all it's variants), tobacco, mdma, heroin, and mushrooms (you could probably lump that in with lsd if you wanted to, but the experience isn't the same), I can tell you that it all depends on the person.

i can't actually speak to artistic creativity, because I renounced my own ability in my youth, and now only see things in how they unravel, not how they are put together. I can say that in my own experience, that when on mushrooms I am able to catch the nuances of other peoples facial expressions much better. Is that my mind just telling me I know whats up with people when I am shrooming, or is it an actual hightened perception, who knows? I can also say, that when I want a vacation from being me, that mdma is great for that. I'm able to feel empathy, a connection with people around me, "goodwill" (which is almost unheard of in my universe), and so that substance has a high psychic value to me. I have also seen personalities completely disintegrate from extended coke and heroin use. I have met "casual" coke users, although I suspect they are just further up the slide and haven't realized it's a one way trip down, but I have never met a casual junk user. In some of my more fantastic reveries I picture myself a malevolent monk (almost "sith-like"), and even with that kind of idealized willpower, I was almost undone by some of the harder stuff.

Should people have the right to privacy and to recreationally use whatever they want? sure, i guess (i'm not that concerned with individual rights). but the kicker is that people lose to ability to regulate themselves on some of the harder drugs, and just like in that movie (rfad) they will steal their mothers t.v. to get some gear and whack up.

whats the answer? who knows? from an infernal viewpoint, i guess we should just let everyone do what they want as they flush themselves down the toilet. but the dream of turnbull (see chesterton) has it's appeal also.

personal note: i never did anything shady no matter how much i was using, other than selling rock to a borderline retard once... my mother's t.v. is where it has alway been. oh yeah, i also tried selling junk outside a methadone clinic in holland. good times! view post


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