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AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 28 July 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by Harrol, Moderator

Liberals and conservatives both use the bully pulpit and propaganda. The liberals have mainstream media and the conservatives have the more popular talk show hosts. What irratates me the most is we seldom debate issues any more before we run quickly into defamation of character and shaming of people. i do not mean this in context to this board but general American and even world politics. One fear and shaming tactic used a lot in America is the term intolerant. Most that use that term do not even use it right. It is not intolerance to disagree and think something is wrong. Intolerance is to physically and verbally be uncivil and violent. People that use the intolerant stick because you disagree with them are wrong. You can only have tolerance if there are disagreeing parties. If everyone agrees there is no tolerance because everyone is on the same side. I find that those that proclaim themselves tolerant and say those that disagree with them are intolerant are actually the intolerant one because through embarasment and shaming they try to silence the other opposing veiws. view post


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