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Mekeritrig posted 28 July 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by Ismellofhockey, Commoner

Hi everyone, new to the forum but glad to find a community that appreciated the PoN series as much as I did (perhaps more in some cases).

As for Mekeritrig, there is the question of how the Heron Spear came to be found again, it doesn't take a huge leap of reasoning to figure out Mekeritrig would have had access to the weapon and that it would exlpain how he fought for and against the No-God.

Pure speculation of course since I can't figure out any reason why he'd change camps again but who knows.

As for his allegiance now, Anasûrimbor is a name important to the Mandate but would the Consult know of this prophecy or care? Celmomas announced the prophecy with his dying breath to Seswatha, perhaps the Consult knows nothing of it.
It does seem as has been said that after Mekeritrig's encounter with Kellhus that they are actively seeking out the Dunyain, I'm not sure they'd see any reason to seek out Kellhus in particular.

They also know the Dunyain are in the North, so Kellhus' encounter with the Non-Man did bring them some information as to their location. view post


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