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Akka posted 07 July 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka by shockwave, Candidate

I do not agree that Achamian has turned to the Consult.
In a moment of utter weakness, and feeling defeated, while under strain from a Chorea near his chest, he revealed the location of Kellhus to Cnaiur.
I do not contest this is treason. But that is far from turning to someone/thing. He does not applaud (as of yet) the Consult´s goals, nor is he working with them, actively, to achieve the No-God´s resurrection/re-appearance.
Achamian was led by emotions. Emotions made him betray Kellhus in a way he [Kellhus] did not foresee. The probability trance did not predict this, i think.
It is, IMHO, not surprising that Kellhus was betrayed because of the very concept he has become subject to himself by hang-me-high-on-the-tree incident. The concept he has to master within himself now.
Or something like that. Im rambling.

edit. Ontopic: I think Achamiam will try to hide/turn away from the world. For a while. But if he will succeed i do not know.
After that he might become a sort of reluctant aide, working behind the scenes or with obvious resent in order to prevent the second apocalypse. view post


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