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Cnaiur Lives....maybe posted 03 Jul 2006, 13:07 by Cet'ingira, Commoner

Hey all, this is my first post so I figured it should be in the topic nearest and dearest to me. The survival of Cnaiur is something I'm quite hopeful of. Here is what I've based my hopes on: A number of people have mentioned that Cnaiur lived to see Moenghus killed, which he has been, and that now Cnaiur can have his final swazond and die. However, Cnaiur attempted this last swazond previously following the death of Serwe and could not do it, at least not completely. Second, Cnaiur's contradictory attitudes in his final confrontation with Moenghus indicate that he's dotty (not news). His cry of "how could you leave me again?" leads me to believe he might continue his quest for Dunyain blood, with Kellhus as the new Moenghus. "It's like, New-Retro!" ...Sorry. Cnaiur attachment to Proyas, which has grown to an unbearable point for Cnaiur, also might keep him going. In Cnaiur's confessional to Akka, we hear that Cnaiur doesn't want anything bad to happen to Proyas. This confession is damning for a many-blooded Scylvendi, but perhaps it indicates that Cnaiur is nearer to giving up his culture to remain as Proyas' general and confidante. On the other hand, Cnaiur now knows that all culture is illusion, not just Scylvendi culture, so perhaps there is no refuge for him. Further, I'm tempted to give a sentimental spiel about how developed Cnaiur is and how could Mr. Bakker kill off such an important and meaningful character blah blah. But I know two things: Mr. Bakker views the past that his books are modelled on as brutal and savage and has written his books to conform with this view. A brutal end, even to a wonderful character, cannot be averted through sentimentality. Another troubling argument for the death of Cnaiur is that Achamian has entered the marginal realm alongside Cnaiur between the conditioned Dunyain and the ignorant world-born. Though Achamian does not yet possess first-hard understanding of the motives of the Dunyain, as does Cnaiur, he knows that truth and intellect alone do not make a Saviour. So basically, I hope Cnaiur is still alive, but I'm not too hopeful. Thanks for all the interesting thoughts gang. view post


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