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MILF posted 30 June 2006 in Member Written WorksMILF by Primal, Peralogue

She was an attractive woman, who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. But I knew she was older, over a decade older.

She had these serene blue eyes, and a smile that was incredibly enticing. I often wondered if she knew how hotly those lips, displayed in such an affectation, aroused me.

She had a full-figured body, magnificently endowed, and of tantalizing curves.

I loved the way how her hair always seemed imbued with sunlight.

Once, I peeked at her while she showered. Oh! how those beads of water savored over her smooth exotic flesh. I wish I had been those beads! And how pink her nipples! I wanted to suck nd bite them.

She was beautiful.

And I wanted to conquer her, this bitch, this slut, this whore. I wanted to stb into all of her sweet crevices. I can picture her now, naked before me, running those elegant fingers across my chest, and wrapping around my hero's tool.

"William," she calls to me. "Come eat dinner."

"Yes mother," reply I and comply.

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