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Ur-Throne and Meorn Empire posted 25 Jun 2006, 23:06 by VJustin, Commoner

Mr Bakker, I am just getting ready to re-read the series again and have been reading the Encyclopedia from TTT in preparation. While reading it a couple random questions came up. I noticed in the history of Kuniuri that after the Scintya Yoke had been overthrown the Ur-Throne in Tryse was seized. This seems to have became the seat of Kunuiri. Was this the throne of the King of the Umerau Empire? Is that the provenance of the UR? Also, after rereading the encyclopedia I was glancing at the language list in tDtCB and noticed that Meoric is not a descendant of the Akkersian language. Why is this? I had thought that Meorn was founded as an Akkersian trading colony. Wouldn't the colonist speaks Akkersian? Or a an evolution of Akkersian? Just a couple of questions that had me wondering. I can't get enough of your rich world-building! Thank you for this wonderful series! view post


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