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Modern Soldiers posted 24 June 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionModern Soldiers by Primal, Peralogue


as a seaman, you've interacted with marines before.You know what they are like. They treat you like they're your daddy, when they're the ones who were conceived out of you.

It's fine that the marine Kidruhil spoke of wanted a discount. I don't have a problem with people wanting discounts. But the fact is, he was already receiving a discount - a "military discount". Look at this marine's attitude and demeanor. By saying "Come on, I know you got a lower rate for a guy who's been to Iraq twice" he's dissing on all other military members, and also trying to milk it. You were in the middle of the ocean stuck on a piece of floating steel--does that make you any less or entitled to less than that marine who served in iraq on two tours? One marine tour is 6months or less. Less if you subtract the 2-3 weeks coming in and 2-3 weeks going out.

Another thing too, I hate people who try to glorify shit. It usually means one of two things. One, they've never been in a life-threatening situation to them and their fellow members; so they don't have that experience to know they don't want to have that experience again, and they appreciate their life and what they have. This guy obviously didn't appreciate the military discount he was already privileged to receive. Two, they've got prime ego narcissism. view post


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