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World-building posted 22 June 2006 in Writing TipsWorld-building by Sephiroth, Commoner

As a final year student of Geography at University, i find it extremely hard to draw maps...Why does a Geographer find it hard to draw maps?
It's because I know too much about geography thats why, and I always find my maps becoming jumbled to the point where most people will find them to be nothing more than a big mess, because I find myself wondering where the plate boundaries are, is it a constructive or destructive margin? are these fold mountains? why is that island there? what kind of rock is the parent material under the soil? and loads of other questions that no one else actually gives a hoot about.

I know this defeats the whole purpose of making a 'fantasy' world, and I suppose its ok if your world was created by Gods and magic and so forth, but some authors dont have a damn clue what their doing. Eddings' 'the Dreamers' series shows how stupid some maps are; there's an ice shelf on what would seem to be the equator of the world!

My point is, it helps to think scientifically to make a good map. (in my opinion)

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