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measure is unceasing posted 22 June 2006 in Off-Topic Discussionmeasure is unceasing by jude, Commoner

the point of this post takes a bit of backstory, so bear with me...

i was diagnosed with cancer about 6 months ago. I got lucky, we caught it early, and i only needed one quick surgery to remove the tumor. it hadn't spread, so i didn't even end up needing chemo. While i was recovering tho, before i'd reached that point, my friends (knowing me all too well) went out and bought every thick, even moderately interesting scifi/fantasy novel they could buy, so i'd have something to do while i recuperated (incisions in the groin take FOREVER to heal, fyi). Among the books procured on my behalf was the Prince of Nothing trilogy.

The trilogy was easily the highlight of what was a great deal of reading, and in particular, one phrase stuck with me. "measure is unceasing".

I don't know why, but in my head that came to be a lot more than a nifty turn of phrase. It turned into a motto, something i guess to try and make sense of why a 24 year old guy would get cancer.

So here i am, six months out, and that phrase still stands for a lot in my head, so i decided to do something with it.


i've always loved the tibetan scripts (that ones called uchen), and when it came to picking a phrase, it was pretty elementary in my head what i'd want to go with.

so i don't know if Scott still reads this forum, but if he does, thanks for giving me something to read when i badly needed distraction, and thanks for a phrase that helped me focus on doing the on thing i needed most, fighting back. view post


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