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The Hangover Whinge: Why oh Why? + A Misery Poll posted 16 June 2006 in Off-Topic DiscussionThe Hangover Whinge: Why oh Why? + A Misery Poll by Scilvenas, Auditor

The worst hangover you can get is from mixing your liquors, especially beer and hard liquor (I'm sure you guys know the adage: liquor before beer have no fear, beer before liquor never sicker). It's my opinion, also, that the darker the drink, the harder it is on your body (never put that together until my 4 bypass surgery father-in-law was talking about his doctors orders). I've drank my ass off on rot-gut vodka and woke up fresh as a daisy. And I've woke up with hangovers from less than a six-pack. I can't stand tequilla outside of Margueritas, and I've never gotten drunk from 'em, so I have no opinion on Jose. Heh, and if you have to... it's better to use the two fingers

Meth... depends on which day after. One all nighter? No problem. Avoid sunlight until you get some sleep and eat something. A few... yeah, you might hate the world, but it's in a literal sense. *shrug* Relax, don't watch the news... maybe a bump to take the edge off. Personally, I always found MDMA worse. Mind you, this was all back in the day.

It really all comes down to the simple things. Get your fluids (as in water, milk, or real juice... avoid caffeine and too much sugar), make yourself eat something, shower and brush your teeth. *shrug* Guess you can say it's a matter of purity of essence and preserving your precious bodily fluids. view post


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