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posted 11 Jun 2006, 15:06 by Izz, Commoner

I enjoy marijuana and dxm. I think alcohol is terrible and brings out the worst in a lot of people, not to mention being unhealthy. Marijuana is the exact opposite. DXM, while having no proven adverse affects, should only be used occasionally and in regulation and after intense research. That said, if I were painting while high, the painting would not be miraculously changed. The ideas, after all, come from myself and not the marijuana. Edge of Certainty, I doubt you would be able to tell your friend's paintings apart if you didn't know beforehand which ones he was high while painting. The fact that someone wanted to buy that particular painting is a coincinidence. I suggest that you enjoy all the paintings you two do together, regardless of whether your friend was under the influence or not - because it doesn't matter very much. It is about the connection between you two human beings - it just so happens that smoking marijuana is a part of who your friend is. No offense, but I can tell that you are a little uptight about marijuana. It is hard not to be when our governments find it so damning. But marijuana has been used since mankind's beginnings. In all this time it hasn't ruined humanity or the world. Marijuana has never even taken a single life. One thing I will say about marijuana, however, is it makes the mind flow. This makes it very easy to make connections of logic as things gravitate together. But I think the memory issue tends to be exaggerated. Unless I am baked out of my gourd, I remember things just fine. As far as DXM goes, I had never felt such a goodness in my life before I tripped. Because of this goodness, I realized why I would WANT to be alive. That can't be a bad thing. view post


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