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Cnaiur posted 07 June 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by anor277, Didact

Just on the topic of Cnaiur. While I agree he is a brilliantly written, original character - a mad, ballbreaking bull fag - I think it's a bit hard to accept that he will be revived. Why should the Consult do it? He has knowledge (some) of Kellhus and Moenghus, but then so did Serwe and Esmenet and Achamian - Achamian might even give the Consult that knowledge gratis now. As a warrior, Cnaiur was prodigious, but as a general Skauras tricked him beautifully and his only value to Kellhus was to teach him warfare, and Kellhus rapidly assimiliated Cnaiur's knowledge and surpassed his teacher. So I don't think there is much percentage in giving Cnaiur a Consult army, even if the Consult can preserve him. view post


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