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The Case of the Blind Brain and Other Strange Tales posted 02 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Case of the Blind Brain and Other Strange Tales by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Hi Tak... Back from Canada Day shennanigans.

Regarding the unexplained explainer: The regress of justification ensures that we'll always bump into these, certainly - I took that as a given. What I was questioning was what warrants your 'mentalist' unexplained explainer. I need you to spell out to me, decisively (given the foibles of philosophical thought), how you get from 'Materialism is inadequate' to 'Mental monism is true.' Until then, your position strikes me as ad hoc at best: of the 'if it's not material, then it must be mental' variety. Why not something unknown?

Spinoza and Heidegger's 'frame complaint' comes to mind here as well. Whatever meaning we accord the term 'mental' (for Spinoza the term was 'God' and for Heidegger it was 'Being') arises from WITHIN the frame of experience. So the question is, how can we know that meaning is even remotely adequate for the frame itself. Now in cosmology we have comparatively robust emprical observations and mathematical models upon which to base our inferences (as well as a track record of breathtaking success). Here, on the other hand, all we have are metaphysical interpretations - which are doomed to be flimsey in the extreme.

I have some comments regarding the duck analogy, but they'll have to wait... view post


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