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Cnaiur posted 07 June 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by sunnKHANN, Peralogue

Quote: "Dragyn":1t3f5y4g
Even if the "final swazond" Cnaiur made was to slit his own throat, what would stop the Consult from bringing him back as a skin-spy or some other Tekne creation? We already know they have amazing physical speed/power, so wouldn't that plus Cnaiur's natural abilities combine to form someone definitely fit to be a Consult General?

Also, since Moenghus was what was basically Cnaiur's sole motivation, by killing him wouldn't Cnaiur become a "self-moving soul"? It's more likely the trauma and confusion would stay with and motivate him beyond Moenghus' death, but I like to think there'll be somebody out there to foil Kellhus' plans...[/quote:1t3f5y4g]

Just finished 'TTT', and I was wondering about Cnaioor myself. Throughout the books, he was one of those characters that just grabbed my attention, and an interesting foil to Kellhus. I wouldn't say I liked him; I pitied him, and I thought he was one of the best written characters, the depths of his madness being believable and thankfully not characitured.

I believe we will see him again, perhaps ressurected as some Consult savant. Now that he is without a point of reference and has surrendered all sanity and care, I think he'd be a perfect general for the uncaring No-God... view post


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