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Cnaiur posted 07 June 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Dragyn, Commoner

Even if the "final swazond" Cnaiur made was to slit his own throat, what would stop the Consult from bringing him back as a skin-spy or some other Tekne creation? We already know they have amazing physical speed/power, so wouldn't that plus Cnaiur's natural abilities combine to form someone definitely fit to be a Consult General?

Also, since Moenghus was what was basically Cnaiur's sole motivation, by killing him wouldn't Cnaiur become a "self-moving soul"? It's more likely the trauma and confusion would stay with and motivate him beyond Moenghus' death, but I like to think there'll be somebody out there to foil Kellhus' plans... view post


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