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Inri Sejenus VS. Jesus Christ posted 31 May 2006 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeInri Sejenus VS. Jesus Christ by talek, Candidate

(Responding to Eru Iluvatar's list of similarities between Three Seas history and our own)

Everything on yur list seems quite reasonable. The next question, for me, is, "Is the novel just modelled on our history, or is it a comment on it?"

By the end of TTT, it seems clear that there is a profoundly evil, anti-human force behind the Holy War. Maithanet, the apparent mover and shaker behind it, is in league with Moenghius, and hence an ally of the consult. In spite of all the heroism associated with the Holy War, and the many sympathetic characters associated with it, it is a profounldy tragic event.

Nowadays, even those of European and/or Christian cultural descent would be likely to see the Crusades as also profoundly tragic, a mistake for which humanity is still paying. view post


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