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Conphas' story posted 30 May 2006, 09:05 by kalbear, Candidate

Hi, Scott. Yeah, I know, you're busy and won't get around to answering this immediately, but just in case you pop by sometime soon... I was wondering about Ikurei Conphas' tale, and where it was intended from TDTCB to TTT. In TDTCB, he seems truly destined for big things and a large chunk of the book is devoted to both things about him and what he actually is capable of. By the end, fo course, he is eclipsed by Cnauir, but still appears to be a formidable force. And then he kind of...slinks away. We see mention of him here and there, with the Great and Lesser Lords, occasionally in battle scenes, and a very few scenes of Nansur. The tone of TWP and TTT in reference to him and Nansur in general changes significantly. What I'm curious about is whether this was intentionally done, and if it was intentionally done what your intent was. To me, it came across as you kind of losing his narrative in the scheme of having all these other things that needed telling, and he had to be kind of wrapped up later in a vaguely anticlimactic (at least by comparison to Kiyuth/TDTCB) way. But I admit I may have missed many things here. Thanks again for a wonderful book series. view post


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