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Mekeritrig posted 30 May 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by kalbear, Candidate

If Mekeratig had told the consult about his encounter with Kellhus, the consult would pretty much know where to find the Dunyain, don't you think.
But the Consult don't know what the Dunyain are. They spend most of TTT trying to even figure this out. They know about the Anasurimbor title, but they do not know that this has anything to do with anyone named 'Dunyain' or where they might be residing.

That Kellhus shares blood with Celomas doesn't really matter to the Consult as far as the Dunyain goes; the old prophecy (that the Consult surely know about) says only that an Anasurimbor will return.

Furthermore we know that the Consult later find out that Kellhus isn't who he says he is (not a prince of Arittrau (or however you spell it)) - and one possible way this would be found out is by Mekeritig talking about his encounter. No, I think he spilled what he knew after Kellhus escaped, but no one in the world knew about what Dunyain were save Cnauir, Moe, Kellhus, some select Cishaurim, and maybe a couple of random people along the way like Akka and Esme. Hence the single-minded questioning of 'who are the Dunyain?' over and over at the end of WP. If the Consult knew that the Dunyain were a threat, they would have not bothered asking that question. view post


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