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Water posted 30 May 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWater by kalbear, Candidate

This seems as good a topic for this as any I could locate.

What I thought was interesting was the striking similarity between the supposed motivation and power behind the Cishaurim - passion - and the Consult's absolute driving motivation of passion. I don't know whether there's a true link here yet, but it was striking to me that passion seemed to be so linked between true 'evil' (at least via the Consult) and this magic that was orthogonally situated from the intellectual pursuits of the Schools.

Then again, the strong implication I get from reading is that the Consult/Inchoroi do not use sorcery/magic in any form, really; it is entirely different and technologically-based from the sorcery. Hence the God/No-God duality, the Consult worried about their souls, the continued talk about the architects, constructs, and the lost 'art' of 'making' skinspies and the like. view post


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