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posted 30 May 2006, 08:05 by kalbear, Candidate

I had a very different take on the final outcome here, and one that I'm not sure I can express as factually as y'all can. I do think that Moe truly believes in the apocalypse and what they needed to fight against, and the power of the unifying force - the thousandfold thought - that he presumes will allow the remaining humans to successfully stave off the 2nd apocalypse. While he views the Outside as a Bad Thing and something he does not believe in, I don't think for a second he can reasonably view it as something to be allowed to be removed, because he understands the effects of the outside being removed if not the belief in that thing. Much like a TV repairman might understand how to fix a TV but not what makes a TV work. Would other Dunyain view things this way? It's hard to say for certain; I think they must if they are given what came before, like Moe and Kellhus were. But this was not the Dunyain's goal. Having a second Sejenus was not the original intent of the Dunyain - they were established before the first war with the Inchoroi happened, right? (or during...that thing lasted for frickin EVER) The original Anasurimbor wasn't even the most pivotal player in the first apocalypse. Why should Kellhus be the pivotal good guy in the 2nd? What if Moe is absolutely right? Kellhus is undeniably powerful but the Consult, as it stands currently, is absolutely not. Kellhus has united the 3 seas (sorta kinda) against...what? Serwe, Cnaiur and the unnamed skinspy, along with a general-turned-bird who tells little kids secrets to steal their candy? Where is this Consult threat? If the Gnosis and the Mandate were the most powerful enemy, why were more skinspies not infiltrating the Mandate's group instead of the Cishaurim and the Scarlet Spires? What if Kellhus, by finding a connection to the No-God (which is the only God that speaks to the Mandate), has become absolutely corrupted in the same way that those original Nonmen were? Again, this would imply that Moe was absolutely correct and that Kellhus was absolutely correct in killing Moe, for no one else might guess his ultimate corruption. Except, of course, for Akka, through Seshi's dreams - the only hero descended from the only true hero. And paradoxically, Cnaiur. view post


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