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The consult/Dunyain alliance? posted 23 May 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe consult/Dunyain alliance? by Curethan, Didact

So why didn't they sign up during the first apocolypse....

The Dunyain knew of sorcery, the gods and the outside when they first went to Ishual, but these were things that they could not master, things that would interfere with their mission. Therefore they isolated themselves from them. They are ignorant of them now by choice, their environment is completely under their control. Any pollution is isolated, mastered, contained and/or removed. They do not seek to destroy or master the world, only their immediate environment.

They do not care what happens after they die, they seek to create an enlightened being - not become one. Each Dunyain is one step closer to their goal, but is ultimately a flawed being which must ultimately be discarded. They are useful inasmuch as they advance the forms of training, pass on their knowledge etc, but sooner or later they must die and give way to the next link in the chain. If they take a backwards step, or become contaminated.... skritch!

Their focus is not to close the world. They need to be isolated to continue their work, they require unmolested, conditioned ground, but once they have achieved their goal - a self moving, enlightened soul, what then?

I don't see the Logos as having inherently anything to do with the Outside, it seems to be more... real world/logically oriented than anything.

Well, what is the logos? As an idea it must exist in the outside. Kill all the Dunyain, and where is it then? It's use pertains to the world and is a supreme tool in manipulating the souls and actions of men, and as such is as much a part of the outside as scripture, which purports to be the word of god!

Imo, the Dunyain are working with the outside as much as any sorcerer or chishuarim, they have isolated themselves within the real world so that they have access to a part of the outside that is "blank" (i.e. their own "pocket dimension") Their "god", or meme or viramsata is the logos, the dunyain are it's conditioned ground, it moves them and through them.

They work with the outside and its dichotomous relationship to the real world and master both through the use of the logos - which is reason untouched by emotion. To do this they must be unsullied by the rest of the world; kings, people, sorcery, gods, the consult anything that they do not control. That which cannot be controlled must be eliminated - but the self moving soul will be able to master and control any situation and will certainly walk through and change the world and indeed the outside. view post


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