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haha, fine, "the beer thread" happy? posted 23 May 2006 in Off-Topic Discussionhaha, fine, "the beer thread" happy? by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Quote: "Xray the Enforcer"

good to know. I can find Fin Du Monde pretty easily here in NYC, but those others aren't so prevalent. Happily, there's a store (Bierkraft) in my 'hood whose sole purpose is to import odd beers. I gotta see if they've any of the others from this list.


Steam Whistle does an authentic German style Pilsner following the Bavarian Purity Laws of 1512, which makes it awesome. One of the crispest beers I've ever had. Picaroons is a local brewery that pretty much only services Fredericton New Brunswick I think, but they would definitly ship. I love their Irish Red and their Best Bitter is good too. From Pumphouse I would recommend the Blueberry Ale. view post


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