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The consult/Dunyain alliance? posted 23 May 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe consult/Dunyain alliance? by Mandati Shinigami13, Commoner

perhaps the idea that Kellhus puts out of 'everyone being a point of the outside' that he makes to Akka could explain some of it. Perhaps the ultimate goal of the Dunyain to sever this tie, as the consult would, or perhaps learning of it, could attempt to truly connect themselves to it-although that is probably about as anathema as you can get for them. And that idea about the dunyain mastering the tekne... ooh lordy would that be bad. Although the unpassion of the Dunyain and the bestiality of the Consult wouldn't mix all that well, however the synthese was able to produce a response from Kellhus after he possesed Esmi, that is worrying. view post


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