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Slog of Slogs, Boys! posted 04 August 2011 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Slog of Slogs, Boys! by Truth Shines, Candidate

Quote: "sneroplex":wp45atst
I'm assuming the assassin that killed Maithanet was the white luck warrior. Maithanet didn't do anything about it because he's Dunyain and thinks he's all badass with that 'what comes before determines what comes after' BS. The white-luck killed him because 'what comes after determines what comes before,' Maitha was already dead and that's why it was so easy for him to just walk up and casually stick a knife in his throat. Yatwer is at work.[/quote:wp45atst]

I don't have the book with me, but I seem to remember that scene explicitly refers to the assassin as the person hired by Esmenet. But you may be right. The White Luck is just too mysterious. In fact, given how little we know of this being and how few glimpses we get of him, it might be said that the title of this book is really very badly chosen. He's almost as big of a mystery as the No-God.

Quote: "Callan S.":wp45atst
Because Kellhus manipulated them to screw up. So as to enable the taboo breaking 'We will eat sranc' command to be adopted while, in defeat, the armies collective mental guard is down.[/quote:wp45atst]

I doubt it. If anything, losing one army makes it less compelling (fewer mouths to feed, more forage to go around). Eating Sranc is just a logistic necessity. But it is interesting to speculate on what will happen to those who do. We now finally know what "chanv" is -- dead Nonman. It makes those who eat it more Nonman-like. A parallel with Sranc is possible. view post


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