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The White-Luck Warrior Conclusion (SPOILERS) posted 27 June 2011 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]The White-Luck Warrior Conclusion (SPOILERS) by ThePrinceofNothing, Candidate

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Did anyone else expect a bit more from the conclusion? I don't intend this as a complaint or qualm with the book, but I have to admit I was expecting a bit more.

Specifically, I was expecting Bakker to reveal the contents of the text discovered by Akka in Sauglish (i.e. the document revealing the truth about Ishual); but then, I suppose that's the cliffhanger keeping people dedicated to picking up The Unholy Consult. I was just wondering if anyone else felt this way at the ending. Personally, I'm still invested and think this is one of the most epic and well-conceived fantasy series ever created. I was just anticipating a bit more reward at the end.

The whole revelation of the betrayal (of sorts) by the Skin Eaters was great though; the continual reminders of Akka's concern over his own betrayal was a well-placed red herring. I'm still not sure what part Mimara is going to play, but after her influence during the conclusion I'm intrigued... view post


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