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Slog of Slogs, Boys! posted 05 June 2011 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Slog of Slogs, Boys! by Truth Shines, Candidate

Now a couple of random potshots <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

The assassination of Maithanet.

Well this just doesn't make sense. In fact I would like someone to explain to me the whole break between him and Esmi, coup, and assassination for me. None of this makes much sense. But the assassination most of all. How could someone hide in a room and not be seen or sensed by a Dunyain? How could he successfully carry out a crude stabbing against a Dunyain? And why didn't Maithanet see something in Esmenet's face when they were talking, before the assassin struck? The whole thing stretches this reader's credulity past the breaking point.

The destruction of the Army of the South.

On two points, the way it happened really bothered me. First, in the initial phase of the battle, the king in charge (forgot his name) sent ALL the sorcerers out to attack the Horde. I just have a hard time believing that an experienced commander will make as egregious a mistake as keeping no reserves. In the first battle by the Army of the North, Serwa kept 40-some witches back as reserves, and this saved them from the ten-yoke-legion, so how was this lesson not learned? (In fact it is so basic it should require no learning). Second, they appeared to be utterly unprepared by the appearance of the Bashrags. How is this possible? This is supposed to be a march against the forces of the Consult! I would assume The Sagas would have included records of these monsters; but even if not, the Mandate schoolmen surely have told everyone about it -- all the more reason to keep some sorcerers in reserve. Yet they seem to have made no preparation for the Bashrags (things they could have used even without sorcery: a reserve of heavily armored knights with long lances, ballista, etc.). view post


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