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Complaint to author posted 08 May 2011 in General DiscusssionComplaint to author by Callan S., Auditor

Quote: "anor277":38r3rknw
As I recall that part of Kellhus' training, the Pragma was waiting with a knife to turn Kellhus off if he failed to apprehend the principle of the logos (the Pragma might have killed quite a few indifferent students this way). The opening poster was lucky that no Dunyain was there to witness his/her failure; he or she might have met an untimely end otherwise.[/quote:38r3rknw]
* Yeah, I'm replying to an old thread but the mods probably aren't too bothered by some genuine traffic *

Anyway, on this indifference, hold on a second!?* That's part of what I don't get - why did Kellhus pluck the knife out of the air, instead of just sit there like a vegetable? To me it seem not ALL of the legion could have been leashed if he still actually does anything?

By my measure, why would anyone do anything without some sort of remaining desire? It almost seems to be the Dunyain bullshitting themselves they are free of desire, when there is still one there.

* Well, I guess you've held on for almost two years now, so... view post


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