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Maithanet posted 04 February 2011 in The Judging EyeMaithanet by Gothmog, Commoner

Maithanet is still an enigma yes.

The fact of him being an only son of Moenghus is a bit troubling. Kellhus spawned.. what, 7 in 20 years? You'd assume Moenghus, who likewise must've seen the importance of it, would manage more than 1 in 30 years.
The incredibly rare compatibility of earthborn women with Dunyain blood explains it away, though not without a skeptical eyebrow raised. While Moenghus had a smaller gene pool on his hands, it was still more than half of the known world.

What i'm more interested in is why doesn't Kellhus trust Maithanet.
There's several references to it, none explicit, but all suggesting that Maithanet is as high as he's ever going to get. He's flawed, but we don't know in what way. I don't think it's simply being less capable than a pure Dunyain.

Then there's the question of why doesn't Maithanet practice sorcery. Considering all human resources of the Few are being poured directly into schools without exception (Serwa, Swayal witches) and Kellhus' Arcanum Novum (or somesuch) lifting the curse of damnation off sorcery practice, you'd think Maitha should be the first to go into it. Partly to set an example for the people, being the Shriah, partly for the asset he'd become.
We don't know how far Kellhus' sorcery has progressed, but we know he pretty much started with three-layered sorceries. The absurd advantage of power this gave him was overwhelming in final stages of Shimeh battle in TTT. We also know the greatest nonman sorcerer was also able to pronounce two inutteral sorcery. I think it's very likely Maitha would be able to do the same.
Yet he's parked home, leashed to thousand temples like good puppy told to sit and wait. Why doesn't he trust him? view post


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