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Sarl posted 03 February 2011 in The Judging EyeSarl by Gothmog, Commoner

I disagree with Sarl being a skinspy.

Most definitely an unbalanced character, whose only hinge seems to be the Captain.
The essence of his disorderly facial expressions seemed to condense in one description - "even while his expressions were correct, the underlying passions were all wrong" - it's not an exact quote, but close enough. Also, a lot of the time he's the agressive angry hound dogging someone, i rather think sustaining that much anger for so long isn't in the domain of sane people.

He becomes only more interesting after the Slog of all slogs. Despite his insistent upholding of Rules of the Slog, they most definitely shatter and are discarded in the madness of Cil-Aujas. Remember all the help the unconcious Achamian and also Mimara received. Sarl became a weeper.
More than that, after escape from the depths, there's high chance of him possessing the eye in his heart, such as Achamian found on the surviving weeper they found inside.

Seemingly, no one is in a hurry to enforce Rules of the slog anymore, so this gives us a good starting point for speculations as to what happens to him now. view post


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