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Questions about Moenghus's death. posted 20 May 2006, 00:05 by Curethan, Didact

I was re-reading the scene where Kellhus, then Cnaiur confront Moenghus, and I noticed some inconsistencies that made me confused. First up, Kellhus doesn't kill him cleanly, he must have a reason for that. Then when Cnauir touches Moenghus with the Chorae, he does not salt ... white light streams from his sockets ... as if he is using sorcery, not bearing water and Cnaiur thinks the god is watching him from a man's skull and hears "what do you see?". As the light fades Cnaiur is standing over his corpse, and the "Serwe" skin spy is still alive, when Moenghus could eassily have killed her as he did her brother. Something very strange happened there ... So I guess what I'm wondering is; Is Moenghus really dead? Did he do some kind of soul transfer trick (maybe to the Serwe skin-spy)? Did he really heal Cnaiur's "innumerable scars"? What the heck was the intimation of the no-god about? What was the "force that possesed them"? Probably too spoilerific to answer these questions directly, but I'd appreciate knowing if there is any relevence to these mysteries. view post


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