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The consult/Dunyain alliance? posted 19 May 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe consult/Dunyain alliance? by Cause, Candidate

Personally I see the majority of the dunyain remaining absoloutly nuetral in the conflict. They dont want to pollute themselves so except for a few agents, kellhus, I think scott has promised a female dunyain in the future and a few others most are not going to go very far from ishual.

I further think that if they do take part it wont be on the part of the consult. The no-god breaks the cycle of souls. Every baby is born soulless and as a result cant live. It will destroy the dunyain mission, training future generations to be better and better untill enlightenment. All humans will die out it will be just a matter of time. Further while moenghus had to fear for the damnation of his soul, due to his callous use and manipulation of people for decades (his feeding of live prey to the skin spies for instance) most dunyain I think wont suffer this problem as tey have not done anything wrong, although than gain they treat the defectives like lab rats.

A final thought and perhaps slightly of topic but sorta connected. kellhus claims to be the warrior prophet and legitimizes sorcery. However whether he is a real prophet is doubtfull and hence sorcery would still be damned if we accept the tusk as true. view post


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