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Do you believe a God exists? posted 19 May 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Curethan, Didact

Hehe, I only ever post crackpot theories!

I just got overstimulating reading a book called Shamanspace, it's about ancient secret societies of assasins (the Hashashim etc) whose true aim was to assasinate God. The depiction of God in that was very out of the ordinary and really got me to thinking...

But my point was that if one was omniscient, then you know everything that has happened or will happen with perfect recall then experiencing any one moment would be indistiguishable from rememberance of the past or future, one's conciousness would be locked into the totallity of existence, free will or descion making would be impossible and time an unknowable illusion. Or something. Really it's more a comment on the impossibility of omniscience in a being with any sense of self. So imo, if there is a God it wouldn't be all-knowing or all-powerful in any situation where it wanted to take action...

Ohh, it really makes my head hurt. I prefer abstract concepts like Scott's (Moenghus's) where God is viramsata.

Personally I consider myself an atheist (yeh, I don't believe I exist either) but if pushed I would tend to think of God like the Taoists, he's both zero and infinitty and men can bother with the numbers in between that they call reality.

and that post i made earlier was just a joke to loosen up the tense atmosphere that i feel everytime i see that someone had made a new offense to anyone, i love this post, don't kill it.

I appreciate your humour - it's .... edgy
(One day someone will kill me for my bad puns) view post


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