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Nilnameshi posted 03 May 2006 in The Warrior ProphetNilnameshi by White Lord, Subdidact

I don't exactly understand what you mean by "pagans". That is a totally out-of-place term to use here. Even the Inrithi are pagans to Fanim eyes. The Nilnameshi worship the same gods of the Inrithi cultic religions (the Kiunnat) with their own twist added to them. (Check the Glossary entry on Nilnamesh for more details.) Nilnameshi seem to be very self-absorbed with their esotic cults, and are not generally expansionist, but due to high population density they are also a hard nut to crack, since even the Kianene have not been able to conquer them.

As to the ethnic composition of Nilnamesh, Scott told me it is inhabited by both Ketyai (majority) and Satyothi, with possibly a good number of people being darker-skinned than your average Ketyai due to a Satyothi admixture.

As to your question on the lack of Asians, well there are the Xiuhianni, but they are still living in Eanna, and they would be your equivalent of Asians. BTW, Scott said that no one race had a one-on-one correspondence with real-world ones, so, for instance, the Ketyai run the gamut from the peoples of the Indian subcontinent to the Middle East, while the Norsirai that of the Caucasian peoples, and the Xiuhianni should cover most of the Far East. view post


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