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Mekeritrig posted 01 May 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by vercint, Peralogue

It does, but that was Celmomas' wife, and the bastard would be Nil-Cuyas. Kellhus is descended from the youngest son of the king that succeeded Celmomas after Eleneot.
Mekeretrig could be referring to Nil-Cuyas; he died in Golgottereath, so perhaps Mekeretrig had a memorable encounter with him there... he might even be the face Mekeretrig points out to Kellhus.
I agree Celmomas is the likelier though... the way Nil-Cuyas' death is phrased it almost seems like Seswatha is responsible for his death... rather like Achamian and Inrau. view post


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